Our Strength:

A worldwide network of 200 vibrant, well-focused professionals, from leading academic institutions, plays a critical role in H-LINE's successful implementation of the key business and technological needs of its customers.
People – Our Most Prized Asset
We at H-LINE, realize the Human resource is one of the key and strategic cornerstones of any successful enterprise. As a knowledge-based Info Tech organization, we realize it more. People are our important asset and we have over a period of time, learnt to excel in this art of people Management and it is manifested in the progressive, proactive, people-focused organization development strategy.
We strongly believe in Intellectual Capital and the various Human Resource Policies and Employee Empowerment programs that we undertake periodically, strongly reflect our belief in nurturing the most prized asset that we have as an organization – our people. We have strategically linked our human resources policies with the company with a vision and value statement and integrated key business initiatives with our HR activities, as we believe these activities should enable individuals and teams to perform in ways that create a sustainable competitive advantage and create more value for the company and the customers.


H-LINE Group of Companies - INDIA

Our Staff Profile
01.Mohammed Imtiyaz (C.E.O)
02.Mohammed Ishaq (Managing Director )
03.Mohammed Ilyas (Director )
04.Mohammed Moin (Director )
05.P.Sai Kumar (HR Manager)
06.S. Gopal (Accounting & Finance)
07.Susheel Kumar (Operation Director)
08.Shadul Hussain (Project Manager)
09.Khadeer (Project Manager)
10.Mohammed. Nadeem (Project Manager)
11.Zeelan Basha (Testing Engineer & Project Analyst)
12.Ramesh Taneeru (Sr. PHP Developer)
13.Kiran Chowdhary Narra (Sr. CMS Developer)
14.Shoaib (Sr. DotNet Developer)
15.Syed Ahmed (Sr. Web Designer)
16.M. Anil Kumar (Sr. Network Administrator)
17.Feroz Johny (S.E.O Team Leader)
18.Prathik Raj (Data Entry Team Leader)

19. Nagaraj (Java Developer)

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